While most InsiderAuto clients prefer to lease their new vehicles, it’s important to understand what best fits your lifestyle and preferences.


*New Vehicles Only

Likes to keep up with the latest & greatest (technology, safety, design)

Drives an average commute to/from work (less than 15k miles per year)

Consistently low to moderate interest rates

Prefers European/luxury brand cars at attainable prices (i.e. BMW, Mercedes, Lexus)

Business owners seeking optimal tax write-offs


*New or Used Vehicles

Thinks of a car primarily as a depreciating asset/investment

Prefers to own their car for 4-6+ years

Not interested in latest & greatest technology & features

Drives more than average consumer (greater than 15k miles per year)

Mostly interested in economical vehicle brands (i.e. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc.)